More About Timeshare Investment

A timeshare is a piece of real estate where many individuals share ownership of property. You pay up front only for the time you will use it. It is a popular way to save on vacation expenses over the log run because you own the property. But is the practice right for you and your money? The pros and cons of buying a timeshare, as outlined in this article can help you make a better decision.

Buying a timeshare can often be an impulsive and emotional decision. On the plus side, it allows you to own a portion of a vacation property that you can reliably use during the same week once per year. That can vary depending on the type of co-op agreement you’ve entered into. Some examples of types include fixed week, floating week, and right-to-use based on availability. Before you take the plunge and possibly find yourself in financial distress with an investment that is difficult to get rid of, consider these pros and cons.

Timeshare rentals

Five Pros to Making the Part Ownership Investment

1. Compared to a vacation home rental, which is probably vacant for large portions of the year, with joint ownership investments, you only pay for the time that you use. This is a huge benefit because it allows you to use an expensive property that you may not have the cash to afford otherwise. Also, you won’t have any concerns about maintaining the property year-round.

2. If you are someone who appreciates stability and predictability, timeshare could be your best option. Not only do you have a guaranteed destination for your vacation every year, but you also have an investment that is shared across multiple parties, effectively lessening your financial burden.

3. Another possible bonus is that you may be able to trade destinations and times with other owners, which gives you the freedom to travel to new places that you probably wouldn’t have considered before.

4. If you can’t use your specified week, you may be able to rent out your block of time and not take a financial hit for missing your vacation that year.

5. You may also be able to donate your week to a charitable cause like a school auction or even let your friends or family enjoy your property if you can’t go.

Four Cons to Making the Part Ownership Investment

1. Although maintenance will not be one of your issues, you will have to worry about the continual expense of annual fees and the possibility that they could increase every year outside of your control. You will be responsible for those fees every year whether you use the property or not.

2. You will likely have difficulty selling your interest and may be forced to sell at a large discount since many other used timeshares are usually already on the market. On that note, you may want to consider just buying used from the secondary market in the first place to save yourself money.

3. If you sell and it’s at a loss, the IRS won’t let you claim a capital loss like you generally would with most other real property losses.

4. If you’re buying in a foreign country, there can be unique challenges. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the restrictions in whichever country you’re considering before completing your purchase. Also, some countries have less stringent consumer protection laws that you should investigate.

Timeshare real estate

Final Thought

Ultimately, if the pros outweigh the cons and you are thinking of timeshares as an investment, then you could proceed to investing in this sector and enjoy the benefits. Timeshares have worked for many investors and some even own more than one. Prior to buying a timeshare of any kind conduct a good research so that you are conversant with owning the property.

Internet vs Travel Agencies

Nowadays there are so many internet services helping us to organize any kind of trips starting with finding flight tickets to a hotel booking. But travel agencies still can be useful in order to save our time and nerves. Let’s see some pros and cons when you travel with a tour operator and when you rely on online services.


If we talk only about air tickets, hotel accommodation or car rental, booking systems offer lower prices. This, perhaps, is their main advantage. But if we talk about a package or non-standard product, travel agencies look more beneficial comparing with booking systems.


Travel Agencies: +

+ Travel agencies offer attractive prices for popular destinations (Egypt, Italy, Greece …), where charters fly. Travel agencies book rooms in hotels in bulk, usually six months before the season, and the hotels give them significant discounts.

+ There is a chance to catch a last minute offer a few days before departure with a nice discount.

Travel Agencies: –

– Excursions around Europe, especially with difficult routes and crossings, and trips to exotic countries are not more expensive than if you organize everything yourself. There are no “wholesale” discounts, but travel agencies include their commissions.

Internet: +

It is beneficial to buy tickets for regular flights in advance (especially on hot dates like July – August and New Year).

+ You can find good deals on air sales and discount promotions,  but you will have to spend time tracking them.

+ If you like to travel actively, every day moving to a new city – it is definitely cheaper to organize everything yourself.

Internet: –

– Internet booking is beneficial only for those who plan a vacation in advance.


In terms of saving energy and time, tour operators are the absolute leader. They will do for you almost all the “dirty work”: book tickets and hotel, organize a transfer and leisure. And, if necessary, will also help with the visa and other documents.


The greatest advantage of tour operators is service, personal consultations, and also constant information support. With internet in case of any issue you are on your own in a foreign country where, it is possible, no one knows English and without access to internet.  Let’s analyze where it is more beneficial to use the services of travel agencies:

+ in case of flight cancellation you can call your tour operator and it will solve all the problems for you;

+  transfer from airport to hotel: if this service is included the tourists will be met, put on the bus, and taken to the hotel at any time of the day, even if the flight was delayed;

+ if a hotel is not exactly what you expected or was shown in pictures, or you want to get extra services you can count on a  travel agencies in dealing with it or getting a refund or discount if you are not satisfied with a hotel


+ if you need a car you can rent it a few days before you arrive, so that you can be sure a car is available and will be waiting for you in an airport.

+ Confirmation of the reservation of a hotel comes immediately and personally to you via e-mail. You need to print out in case of problems with checking in (which, as a rule, do not happen).

The freedom of action

Planning and organizing the trip by yourself, you can feel like a pioneer:  first to explore the routes and attractions, read reviews about hotels, monitor ticket prices. You choose what you want to see, and do not follow the beaten track.


Risks can be everywhere. There can always be an error (for example, money can be taken off a credit card, but the reservation has not been done), or something happens already during the vacation. In this regard, a traveler using the services of a tour operator is better protected. The agency will come to the rescue in case of problems with the police, medical centers, hotels, etc. It gives more guarantees and is more responsible than reservation systems.

In conclusion we can see that there is no an ideal way to plan your vacation.  Each option has its advantages and disadvantages: some is cheaper, some is safer; you can become a pioneer, but with other option you do not worry and save time. Choose your optimal option and travel with pleasure!


Top 5 Travel Destination Places

“The world is your oyster.” It’s such a much-used phrase. It describes the possibilities that exist for you. This couldn’t be truer for your vacation destinations. “The world is your oyster” and here are the top 5 pearls world travel has to offer:

1. Rome, Italy

Rome has many beautiful things to offer. First of all, the city is thriving with ancient architecture: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, or St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

There’s also so much gorgeous artwork, such as Trevi Fountain or the Sistine Chapel. After touring all day, relax in one of Rome’s many spa resorts, such as the Hotel Lunetta. With a



lovely rooftop bar and excellent spa service, it’s hard to believe that the Lunetta is Rome’s second oldest hotel.

2. Paris, France

Paris is not called the City of Love for nothing. This honor resides in the beautiful artwork that finds itself housed in this city. Paris is home to the Louvre, which hosts the Mona Lisa. In addition, your vacation in Paris needs to include a tour of one of the many gardens of Paris like the Luxembourg Gardens. Not only that, it feels great to simply stroll down the streets, take a boat ride down the Seine River, or sit outside at a streetside café. Your senses will be overloaded in Paris, and you’ll fall in love with this city.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Do you like Gothic castles? Maybe you’re interested in watching Flamenco dancing? If these ideas excite you, then you need to vacation in beautiful Barcelona. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is home to wonderful feats of architecture that overwhelms the eye. After touring the Quarter, you can relax by the water, watch some Spanish dancers, or take a siesta. Whatever way you relax, you’re going to want to prepare for Barcelona’s hopping nightlife. Whether it’s downtown or at a Mediterranean resort, Barcelona stays up late. If you travel to Barcelona you’ll feel the energy of this city as you step off the plane.

4. Cancun, Mexico

No list of travel destinations would be complete without mentioning this city bordering the Caribbean Sea. If you’re looking to vacation in Cancun, expect to be amongst a younger crowd


Cancun is a favorite amongst university students


and young couples with its many all-inclusive resorts. Topping the list would be the Royal Sands Resort with its poolside bar. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can always take a tour of nearby remnants of the ancient Mayan culture or take a dip in the sea. Scuba diving or snorkeling in the beautiful waters off Cancun is a must when staying here.

5. New York, New York

This list wouldn’t be complete without one U.S. entry, and it has to be New York City. You can take in a Broadway Musical, visit Central Park, or tour the Empire State Building. If you’re a sports fan, you must take in a Yankees game. It’s part of American history. Another must-see piece of American history is the National 9/11 Museum. Whatever your interests are, you can find them in New York City.

These five places aren’t the only travel destinations in the world. They’re simply the best travel destinations in the world. If you’re wanting a beautiful vacation, pick one of these places.